Greers Ferry Lake Fishing Report – March 22, 2017

As of Wednesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 457.09 feet msl (normal conservation pool – 461.44 msl).

(updated 3-15-2017) Tommy Cauley of Fish Finder Guide Service said the water level at Greers Ferry Lake is rising and is less than 5 feet below normal pool. The temp has cooled somewhat – it is 52-56 degrees.
The walleye fishing is on and off with all the cold fronts. It’s hard to get to most of the river fish unless by foot. Some coming and going can be picked up in places, with a drop-shot or jighead tipped with a live bait. Grubs, crankbaits and rouges are working at times. Live bait for the lake fish is best in 25-40 of water.
The bass fishing is pretty good with fish being caught real shallow or in 25 feet and some out in 40 feet of water; try spinnerbaits, crankbaits, drop-shots, spoons-rigs and football heads. A Rat-L-Trap and wacky rigs are working as well.
The crappie are eating all over the lake suspended in 10-15 feet of water over the deepest water you can find, with some eating in the river channels on the bottom in 40 feet.
No report on catfish.
The hybrid and white bass bite is good all day at various times throughout the lake on spoons and in-line spinners. Some topwater action is going on as well. On tough days a swimbait or hair jig dead stuck is working the best.
No report on bream.

(updated 3-15-2017) Cody Smith of Fish Greers Ferry guide service reports that the lake level is rising slowly. Water surface temperatures have fallen back to the 51-52 degree range lake-wide after reaching the 57-58 degree range last week. This has, in turn, sent a lot of the gamefish that where moving shallow and staging for the spawn back out to greater depths. Our shad that where pushed to the middle and the back third of most major creeks and tributaries have also retreated to greater depths with the rapidly cooling water. With good inflow entering the lake it has brought cooler water but some much needed stain as well. These dirtier water areas will rebound quickly as the stained water will always warm more quickly than our clear water sections. I look for most all of our gamefish to reposition back shallow by next week with much warmer than average forecast on the way. We are still catching limits like we have been but we just have to relocate the same schools of fish most everyday while these dramatically colder temperatures persist.

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