Greers Ferry Lake Fishing Report – September 14, 2016

Greers Ferry Lake Fishing Report – September 14, 2016

As of Wednesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 462.55 feet msl (normal conservation pool – 461.44 msl).

(updated 9-14-2016) Tommy Cauley of Fish Finder Guide Service said the hybrid and white bass fishing is good all over the lake, as some are schooling and some are sitting on structure feeding off and on throughout the day on various baits including, but not limited to, topwater baits, in-line spinners, spoons and swimbaits. Find the bait and the fish will be close by.

The bass fishing is going pretty good shallow and out deeper; try spinnerbaits on windblown areas, topwater baits for schoolers, and the deeper fish can be caught with a C-rig and drop shot.

The catfish are feeding day and night all over the lake on just about any bait of your choosing and will continue to be good for a while.

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The walleye are eating at various times, especially under cloud cover, on flats in 12-28 feet of water, and some are following hybrids around eating what they spit up.

Bream fishing is good on crickets and crawlers.

The crappie are halfway into their fall feed; try a jig and/or minnows in 10-18 feet of water.

(updated 9-14-2016) Cody Smith of Fish Greers Ferry guide service reports the fall transition is underway on the reservoir. Water surface temperatures are ranging in the low to mid-80s depending on time of day and location on the lake. Summer high surface temps of 90 degrees have come and gone, look for a cooler rain to really spur on the lake’s shad and gamefish transition into more seasonal habitats and locations. Right now the fish are spread from one end of the spectrum to the other. Some of the gamefish and baitfish responded to the first cool off a couple weeks ago and went shallow in a hurry feeding on the newly acquired threadfin shad population while the deeper fish are still feeding on blue gills and crustaceans out in their summer haunts. Deeper locations are still holding a few quality bites while the shallow fish are moving a lot and hard to pattern on a multiday basis. Fast-moving baits with small baitfish profiles have been best for the skinny fish, while bulky bluegill patterns are working best for the ones out deep. The shad population is really ganged up in 10-18 feet of water and depending on time of day and location are harboring just about every species in the reservoir, but as mentioned are moving around a lot. Some crappie are moving to the mid-level brush piles while others are hanging in the creek channels feeding on bait as it transitions from in to out and out to in. Once the lake sees 78 degree surface temperatures, look for the bite to become much more consistent and days of catching will be the regular.

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